The Comprehensive Debt Solution - Mastering Debt

Defeat the debt collectors in lawsuits, negotiate with them outside of litigation, and repair and restore your credit.

This product includes:

Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual

Debt Defense System,

Credit Repair Manual

The Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack


People have historically come to our site as a last-ditch defense against the debt collectors – they’re being sued and they need to take action fast. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered. We have products designed to give you everything you need to defend yourself from debt collection lawsuits. We also have a number of separate “a la carte” items if you only need something specific, but what most people who come to this site need is either the Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack or the Debt Negotiations and Credit Report pack. We’ll discuss what those are and how they work within our system below. The videos are similar, but not identical, to the text. Click here to buy the Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack now for two payments of $97.95.

If you're being sued, you will want to focus on the Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack and the Debt Defense System. If you aren't being sued, you'll want to consider the Debt Negotiation Manual and Credit Repair Manual.

The Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack (includes the Debt Defense System)

This Pack is for you if you are being sued – or threatened with suit – on a debt and you have other debts that are or may become a problem. It contains three main products: the Debt Defense System, the Debt Negotiation Manual, and the Credit Repair Manual. We include these three products because if you’re being sued you will need to defend yourself one way or another, and the Debt Defense System provides you everything you will need to do that. Debt problems rarely travel in “ones,” so if you’re being sued on one, you will probably have others you need to work on using the Debt Negotiation System, and you will also almost certainly need the Credit Repair Manual because the debt collectors rarely sue you without having already damaged your credit report. The Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack brings these three products together for a special price. Click here to buy the Comprehensive Debt Solutions Pack now for two payments of $97.95.

We’ll discuss the component products below, and you can decide which ones you need.

Debt Defense Manual

What you need to defend yourself if you are being sued will be in the Debt Defense System, which has two components: a manual and other written material, and a membership.

The Manual contains a thorough explanation of the debt litigation system and builds on what used to be our main product the Debt Litigation Bundle. It is written in language just about anybody can understand (but if you don’t, don’t worry – we can still help), and it tells you who the other side is, what they want, and how you can make them go away by using normal, mainstream tools of litigation. Judges won’t yell at you, and people won’t point at you like you’re an idiot or freak. You will simply know more about debt law than most people – including the lawyers on the other side – do, and you will know how to use it effectively

Debt collection law is not rocket science, and what debt collectors want is as much money as they can possibly get as easily as possible. You know they have an essentially endless pool of people to chase, and that means they will get and feed off the slowest and easiest victims. We help you do two things. First, we make you the fastest, toughest defendant you can be so that the debt collectors can see that and choose other victims. Second, we know that the biggest “open secret” of the debt collectors is that they almost never have the things they would need in order to prove their case. We show you how to expose that weakness in your particular case. That means that even if the debt collectors don’t give up on you and go away, you will still be able to beat them. Click here for more information on the Debt Defense System.

Debt Negotiation and Settlement Manual

As we said, debts typically don’t travel in packs of one – in other words, if you are being sued for one debt, there’s a really good chance you have others that are also problems. If that’s true for you, you may want to try to negotiate with the creditors or debt collectors before they decide to sue you. That may allow you to use your available resources, make plans, and set goals more realistically. It will let you feel safe and give you a chance to get back to working for a better life sooner.

We built our Debt Settlement and Negotiation Manual around a few simple insights. We found that most people trying to negotiate in anything – and most particularly in dealing with debt – tended to focus on their own needs rather than the interests of the creditors or “counterparties.” This meant that they could not frame their offers in ways that it would be in the interests of the counterparties to take.  Similarly, there was a focus on techniques – things to say – rather than on “position,” which comes from doing things to strengthen your bargaining position. Instead, in our experience it has been much more important to focus on doing things that make you less attractive to sue or oppose in some way.

Building on that, we have assembled materials that will help you plan your overall debt negotiation campaign and coordinate negotiations with various creditors so that you can keep an eye of how things are going. Often, you will need all (or almost all your creditors) to accept basically the same thing or you might as well not do the negotiations. You’ll want to track your results in all the negotiations if that is true.

And then there are things you will need to remember to negotiate for, tricks you need to watch out for, and other things that come with experience. That kind of information is also included in the Manual. Click here for more information about the Debt Negotiation Manual.

Credit Repair Manual

The Credit Repair Manual is a “stand-alone” product and also an important part of the Comprehensive Debt Solutions product because every person with a debt problem also has a credit problem.

Some people think that their credit problem is just their credit score - but it goes beyond that – the score is just a numerical summary of your report. People and companies will have and look closely at that report, and the report has, as we’ve pointed out before, all sorts of information on you. Each thing needs to be checked, disputed, verified, and rechecked in the process of repairing your credit.

Most people intuitively understand the importance - of their credit reports, although it can be possible, and tempting, to lose sight of that in the middle of debt problems, and we’ve discussed their content and the importance – as well as the moral and ethical “rightness” of making your credit report as good as possible.

We believe that you have every right to make it as good as possible – it’s really the only way you’re going to be able to move forward without constantly being penalized for things you’ve done in the distant past – over-penalized, in fact.

What remain are questions of what to do and how to do it.

Credit repair is different than the other areas of debt law we cover (debt litigation and negotiation) because unlike those areas, performance comes in only a vaguely adversarial mode. You do the best you can because you’ll overpay otherwise – but there is no real “counterparty” – nobody on the other side that needs to hurt you. Instead, you have entrenched procedures and policies -and a sense that you may not really deserve their “help.”

And there are laws that help.

As in debt collection, however, the “other side” expects you to be burdened by various feelings
of guilt and other negative thoughts, as well as simple ignorance of your rights – things that will keep you from effectively enforcing your rights.

Our Credit Repair Manual is designed to solve all these problems. We’ll tell you what you need to do, how to do it, and why you need to keep at it until you accomplish your goals. We help you navigate the legal and bureaucratic systems. We explain the nature of the debt “campaign” as a long-term “war of attrition” where you will win some and lose some, but the important thing is to keep working at it until enough obstacles disappear for your credit report to be much better.

There are several ways to approach the debt repair problem. We know them, and the Credit Repair Manual explains them. Click here for more information on the Credit Repair Manual.


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