The Ultimate Choice

The Debt Master Series

Defeat the debt collectors in lawsuits, end debt problems, and repair and restore your credit.


The Ultimate Choice – Everything Starts with a Choice is a book about Joe, a lonely guy getting ready to end it all. He’s gotten everything he needs to do himself in, but then he gets a disheveled visitor who changes everything. 

The visitor isn’t overly impressed by Joe’s accomplishments and invites him to examine some of the main choices that led him to the point of suicide. Believing he will at least to revisit some of the dramatic points in his life, Joe agrees, but then he finds himself closely scrutinizing a fifteen-second scenario where he yawns, gets up and goes to the bathroom, scenes of him scurrying around pointlessly getting ready to do something important, and other scenes of dubious interest in a non-monumental life. 

“I suppose people who are doing the most interesting things with their lives are not necessarily doing what you were about to do,” explains his visitor, unsympathetically, as he and Joe systematically look at the things that led to Joe’s unspectacular and unsatisfying life. Together they look at a series of the choices Joe has made that keep him from feeling good or doing what the set out to do. By the time they come to the ultimate choice, which Joe must do on his own, Joe is ready to live again. 

This book is a light-hearted analysis of some very significant questions: what are we doing here in this world? How did we get where we are and how do we find a better way? What does it mean to be happy and fulfilled and how do we get there? 

Joe is believable, sympathetic and full of potential. His guide is sometimes sympathetic, sometimes stern, sometimes insightful and sometimes… not so much. 

Everybody needs a little help sometimes, and this book is designed to help the reader analyze what it means to make a choice, how choices affect us and others around us, how we let ourselves get frustrated through fear, procrastination, or the “shiny penny syndrome,” and how to be motivated to make a better life. This is a self-help book disguised as a funny and heartwarming tale. It discusses love, friendship, duty, motivation, desperation, and hope.

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