Your Legal Leg Up™ Online Catalog of Debt Litigation Products

The products at YourLegalLegUp are designed either for almost everyone (the Litigation Bundle and membership packages) or more specific situations (Motions Packs, Reports, etc.). As you choose the products you need, please be aware that litigation - even debt litigation - can be complicated, so we have many products. They do not, in general, duplicate each other. Click here for a fuller explanation for why we created the products the way we did.

 memberships.jpgYour Legal Leg Up Memberships

Our memberships provide the best value and the most comprehensive resources for those who are
being sued for credit card debt or facing other debt lawsuits.

Members receive:

  • members-only access to our ever-increasing video library;
  • our document bank of battle-tested forms, pleadings, letters, notices... the works;
  • members-only discount offers
  • VIP access to our knowledgeable staff;
  • free twice-monthly teleconferences;
  • free newsletter;
  • free Guide to Legal Research and Analysis;
  • a members-only homepage;
  • free access to our e-courses and other materials;
  • and multiple bonus add-ons, depending on the membership option you choose.

Select from renewing memberships, which automatically renew at the end of the membership term or term memberships which terminate at the end of the term.  

Membership Options


Memberships are designed to provide you a greater chance to win your case, more access to materials and help, and current information and resources to neutralize the biggest advantages of the debt collectors. You should not get a membership instead of the Debt Defense System, however - the products are designed to be used together, and the Debt Defense System Manual provides you an overview and understanding of debt litigation that you simply cannot get elsewhere.That is why membership is required with purchase of the Debt Defense System, and you need the manual with any level of membership as well.



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