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Suit Evaluation

This service is designed to help us assist people earlier in the debt collection process. It is primarily intended for people who have received a lawsuit but have not yet responded, although it might be of some use even if you have responded.

We will read your answers to the questionnaire we give you, look at the documents you send us, and give you an interpretation of your situation, including:

  • whether there are any aspects of legal service or court jurisdiction we think you should explore before answering,
  • what the lawsuit appears to be (i,e., what you’re being sued for and by whom),
  • and how you might go about learning what you need to learn in order to answer the petition (or how to file a motion to dismiss).

You will get a sort of road map of what to do.

With the "regular" service you will receive information back from us in about three days (72 hours). If you are in a rush, there is an extra fee of $10. If you order the "rush" service, you will receive information back in approximately 24 hours. You will not normally need the rush service unless you have less than a week remaining to respond, although this will depend on your own ability to do the things you will need to do.


To use this service, you will need to scan or photograph documents you have received and send a legible copy to us at

We will send you an analysis of your situation and what, in general, to do.

Frankly, we expect you will want our Debt Defense System Membership in most cases. However, that is not necessary for this process, and we will look at your situation and make an honest evaluation and recommendation either way. If you choose to purchase the Debt Defense System, we will refund the price of this service (although not the “rush” fee, if you got that).

If you have been served, you have a limited amount of time to respond to the petition. We try to be responsive regarding time, but this service DOES TAKE TIME. You cannot expect a response in less than 24 hours for the rush service, or three days (72 hours) for the normal service. It simply cannot reliably be done in less time than that amount of time.

You must understand that while we will do some research and analysis of your case, we cannot give you legal advice. You should not tell us anything confidential or admit anything to us about the debt. We can, however, direct you to areas we consider important for you to consider as a sort of “guided education.” You will know what you need to think about and do, for your specific situation. If for some reason we believe you cannot or should not represent yourself in this suit, we will tell you why and make appropriate suggestions, although this is rare.

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