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Debt defense systemThe Debt Defense System

Provides everything you need to understand debt litigation and defend yourself from the debt collectors. Your "Dashboard" will be the Debt Defense System Manual, which both provides you a wide-ranging overview of the debt litigation business and the players involved, and also teaches you tactics and techniques you will need to defeat them. But it goes much, much further than that - it is extensively linked to a tremendous amount of material on our website which is available only to members and purchasers of this material. And all this material is coordinated in your manual.

AND, you will also get our extremely popular report, "Three Weaknesses (Almost) Every Debt Collector Has," and our new e-courses - "Answering the Petition" and "Discovery, the Key to Victory in Debt Defense."  All FREE with membership.

You will have access to a wide array of examples and samples of every type of document you need, and, in conjunction with the membership, you will have regular telephone conferences to get questions answered and materials explained. 

Click here for the table of contents of our Manual, or Click here for more information about the product in general.

You must get the (monthly) Gold Membership with this product. You can learn more about it by clicking here, or the checkout system will automatically add it if you simply go ahead to checkout The membership is the way we update materials to you, bring you new materials and techniques, and make announcements of value to people being sued - or suing - debt collectors. Click here for more information on this purchase.

Two payments of


The Gold Debt Defense System is a service designed to make defending yourself from the debt collectors and original creditors as easy and as sure as possible.

It truly gives you all the materials and support you will need to defend yourself, from answering the petition or filing a motion to dismiss all the way through trial or even beyond. It will even show you how to bring suit against them if that's what you want to do.

The Gold Debt Defense System gives you an extensive overview of the debt litigation process, from insights on what makes the debt collectors tick and how they work, to the nuts and bolts of litigation. It explains why you have such a good chance to win if you fight intelligently, and it provides you all the material you will need to do so.

We have had a great deal of experience both as a litigator and web master and have realized that almost every person representing himself or herself in a debt case would do much better if (1) they have an opportunity, preferably on a regular basis, to talk to other people who can help them with insights and information; and (2) a lot of the work done for them. The Debt Defense System does that. When you buy the Debt Defense System, the System requires that you sign up for a monthly renewing membership as part of the service. This gives you all the benefits of membership and connects you with all the materials that are referred to and used in the Manual, literally thousands of pages of material and several dozen videos, among other things. It both allows us to update the materials in your Manual by changing the materials you see when you click on the links in your Manual and to contact you with our newsletter and memos.

You will get:

  • The Debt Defense Manual and Forms;
  • Access to our member-only content, which includes many articles and videos;
  • Special materials on Legal Research and Analysis;
  • An invitation to participate in teleconferences - which are real-time question and answer sessions that happen at least once per week and often more often than that;
  • Access to our Document Bank;
  • Our Motions Packs; 
  • New ecourses as they are developed; and
  • Email notifications of important developments in the law;

Special Bonuses

You will also receive several bonuses when you purchase the Debt Defense System and Membership. 

First, you will get our Special Report: What to Do if you Get Sued for Debt. This report has a flow-chart that will help simplify your first decision: "What do I do FIRST?"

Second, because so many people who use our service did at some point owe, or thought they owed, money to somebody, and this can make them uncomfortable defending themselves, we have a special report on that: What If I (Think I) Really Owe? This comes free with your membership.

Third, you get our report: Three Weaknesses Almost Every Debt Collector Has (and how you can use them to Win Your Case). This report provides an in-depth analysis and sites specific legal precedents - the real nitty-gritty - on how to beat almost any debt collector. It might be all you need to win the case.

Nothing in the law is ever always easy, but these materials will give you your best chance to win without spinning your wheels, and if the debt collector is not committed to pursuing you beyond the point where it starts losing money, And sometimes it really is easy.

Click here for more information on the Gold Debt Defense System and Membership.

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