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Debt defense systemThe Platinum Debt Defense System

Like the Gold Debt Defense System, the Platinum DDS provides everything you need to understand debt litigation and defend yourself from the debt collectors - and then some. It starts with our new Debt Defense Manual, which both provides you a wide-ranging overview of the debt litigation business and the players involved, and also schools you on tactics and techniques you will need to defeat the debt collectors.

But it goes much, much further than that - it is extensively linked to a tremendous amount of material on our website which is available only to members and purchasers of this material. And all this material is coordinated in your manual.

AND, you will also get our extremely popular report, "Three Weaknesses (Almost) Every Debt Collector Has," and our new e-courses - "Answering the Petition" and "Discovery, the Key to Victory in Debt Defense."  All FREE with membership.

With this purchase, you will receive all the benefits of Gold Debt Defense - Manuals, Motions Packs, Reports, and teleconferences. You start with all that.

From our extensive experience, we understand that whenever a person is sued by a debt collector on one debt there are usually other debts out there as well. And almost always credit damage that needs to be repaired, too. To help with that, we offer our Platinum membership. For slightly more than the Gold Membership you can upgrade your membership to the Platinum level and receive:

  • The Debt Settlement and Negotiation Manual;
  • The Credit Repair Manual;
  • An additional teleconference twice per month (at least one each focusing primarily on debt negotiation and credit repair).

You will also receive, in addition to all the bonuses you receive with the Gold Membership, our special report on student loans: The Law of Student Loans. This is an in-depth, book-length (about 300 pages) analysis of student loans with a focus on the way bankruptcy can sometimes be used to reduce or eliminate student loans. In our view, the report on student loans is must-reading for anyone thinking about taking out student loans or considering bankruptcy because of them.

To make this product work as it should, you must get a Platinum Membership also.

The price for this product is two payments of $84.95. You also need to sign up for the Platinum Membership, which is a monthly membership rate of 24.95. If you proceed to order this product, the system will automatically add the Platinum Membership. You can cancel that membership at any time you wish, but it is the membership that provides you continuing access to the materials and teleconferences.

Two payments of


          The Debt Defense System is a service designed to make defending yourself from the debt collectors and original creditors as easy and as sure as possible. It gives you all the materials and support you will need to defend yourself as well as materials on debt negotiation and settlement and credit repair.

         The Debt Defense System gives you an extensive overview of the debt litigation process, from insights on what makes the debt collectors tick and how they work, to the nuts and bolts of litigation. It explains why you have such a good chance to win if you fight intelligently, and it provides you all the material you will need to do so.

          Nothing in the law is ever always easy, but these materials will give you your best chance to win without spinning your wheels, and if the debt collector is not committed to pursuing you beyond the point where it starts losing money. And it may be easier than you expect. 


Click here for more information on the Debt Defense System and why you need it.

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